About us

About us

About us

Our expertise

Boosting mobility, that's our business

Life is all about professional mobility. It’s about lives moving around the world based on your business needs. We’re there, by your side, to support you in every kind of situation.
Our areas of expertise

Our areas of expertise

countries around the world

A strong network of

partners and specialised consultants

Our clients

French and international companies with 12,000 to 700,000 employees

of our clients are part of the CAC 40 or equivalent indexes across the world

is the number of people we’ve supported since our inception

30 years’ experience

Une entreprise experte en mobilité internationale et nationale

Founded in 2008, Enyter specialises in domestic and global mobility on behalf of SMEs and major companies around the world.

Our organisation is based on the strong human values of our founder, Marie-Hélène Monti, who has 20 years’ experience in the retail sector and the agro-food industry.

Our strengths

Enyter's strength lies in the quality of our teams

they’re open to different cultures. They understand employees’ expectations since they’ve lived through the experience of relocation themselves.

they’re familiar with national and foreign regulations.

they answer all queries and offer the appropriate services.

they’re quick to adapt to changes.

Our philosophy

To prioritise the well-being of your employees and protect your interests by offering you a service on a human scale with the processes and tools (standards, security, feedback, etc.) you’d expect from a major organisation.

Our wish

To satisfy your needs and requirements, through a commitment to results, a constant quest for ROI and services at the fairest price.

Our mission

To facilitate your employees’ professional and personal mobility and to give your company's mobility policy a positive image.

Our aim

To help your employees and their families settle down in their new lives, whether in France or overseas.

Destination success with our turnkey solutions...