Going to a new country

Immigration rules vary from country to country. And laws can change.

At Enyter, we keep up-to-date with regulatory developments and manage all the immigration proceduresfor you.

What's the process for a transfer?

Work permit
Residence permit
In France

Taking on employees
in France

After analysing the project from the employee’s side and the company’s side, ENYTER will provide you with a rapid and appropriate immigration arrangement that is viable for several years, taking different parameters into account:

in all regions, prefectures, sub-prefectures, etc.

employee, secondment, intra-group transfer, new hires, student, change of status, spouse, child, trainee, apprentice, etc.

visas, work permits, residence permits, temporary work permits, renewals, etc.

support for employee meetings

Around the world

Sending an employee
out into the world

ENYTER analyses the project from all aspectsand offers you all the possible options. Your company’s affairs will be in order in both the country of departure and the host country.

Transferring from one country to another, from one continent to another

International intern, employee, secondment, intra-group transfer, spouse, child

business visas, work visas, work permits, residence permits, renewals, local registration, host country’s national ID card, various licences, medical checks.

apostilles, notarisation, legalisation, translation, certification of civil status records or other documents needed for an immigration file.

support for employees for meetings linked to their immigration.

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