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Immigration : Residence permit

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Online application for residence permits; a request for an alternative to online service.

We apply for residence permits online; that is a great thing for everyone: foreigners, professionals, administration.

Sometimes the service does not work as expected. At the beginning of June, the Council of State requested that foreigners be able to apply for a residence permit by another means than using the e-service.

Therefore, we can still apply for a residence permit using a paper file and not the e-service.

Of course, we all would like to make 100% use of the e-service. However, just as for us as a company, a back-up, alternative or “degraded” solution is essential. So it is a very good thing that this is being put in place.

We welcome this and do our utmost to ensure that the employees we assist see their request finalized as soon as possible.

We are at your disposal for any questions on this matter.