EnyterMetro Closures 2024 Olympics: Opportunity or Inconvenience?

Metro Closures 2024 Olympics: Opportunity or Inconvenience?

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With the 2024 Olympics approaching, the impact of metro closures is becoming a hot topic. Some metro stations are temporarily closed, causing frustration, but also presenting an opportunity.

Impact of Metro Closures During the 2024 Olympics These closures push us to rethink our daily commute. Sometimes, taking a different path can turn out to be more pleasant and faster!

Discovering Hidden Gems These new routes allow us to see places we might never have noticed otherwise. A new bakery, a quiet park, or even a piece of urban art…

Participating in the National Movement “Bouge chaque jour” “Move Every Day” During the Olympics, what better time to join this movement? Walking a bit more each day is good for both health and mind.

Clear and Useful Signage Everything is well indicated throughout the metro – at entrances, in the trains, and on the RATP website. When searching for your route, the RATP site even shows you where to board the train to save time.

Explore Our Extensive Network There are always several possible routes to reach your destination; this is the particularity of our extensive network: not less than 303 metro stations spread over 16 lines!

Conclusion Let’s see these changes as a chance to explore our city from a new perspective and adopt a more active lifestyle. After all, the Olympics are a celebration of movement and self-improvement. Let’s take this opportunity to move every day and discover new horizons!

Who knows? Maybe after the Olympics, you won’t go back to your old route.

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