EnyterNew flash! improvement; it’s good for everyone

New flash! improvement; it’s good for everyone

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apCV: the vitale card (French health insurance card) will be dematerialized.

How does it work and what objectives?

  • replaces the green vitale card
  • makes steps easier
  • avoids vitale card updates
  • downloadable application for the insured and his dependents
  • allows the reimbursement of medical acts or services
  • gives access to various services, such as Ameli

Already tested in Rhône and Alpes Maritime, from October 1, 2021, Paris and 9 other departments will also be able to experience it.

Saône-et-Loire, Seine-Maritime, Bas-Rhin, North, Gironde, Hérault, Loire-Atlantique, Sarthe, Puy-de-Dôme.

The e-card can only be used with participating healthcare professionals and establishments.

It is issued free of charge by health insurance branches for anyone who wants to test.

To use it: put your smartphone on the vital card reader

Other information on online public service