AdministrativeCAR INSURANCE: what a nice change!

CAR INSURANCE: what a nice change!

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Hooray, no need to ask where the car insurance sticker is or if the one there is still valid!

Really?! Why?

Following the decree regarding the abolition of the green card for automobiles, officially starting from April 1st, 2024, the green card will no longer be sent to individuals whose registered vehicle is subject to insurance obligation in France. It will no longer be necessary to affix the green sticker on these vehicles. Great news, isn’t it?

From now on, your license plate is sufficient to prove that you are insured. Thanks to the reading of your license plate, law enforcement can verify on the “Fichier des Véhicules Assurés” (Insured Vehicles Database) that your vehicle is indeed insured.

What are the benefits:

You avoid two risks of fines:

Failure to display the insurance certificate (green sticker).

Failure to present the insurance certificate (green card).

And we really go green as the production and distribution of green stickers require paper, ink, and logistical resources. Their elimination saves these resources and reduces the associated ecological footprint (their manufacturing and distribution represent 1,237 tons of CO2).

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