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The 2024 Olympic Games!

What a joy to welcome this extraordinary event to France.

Paris will be the City of Light; what a pride!

Many of our customers are asking us how to manage the period as smoothly as possible.

For the arrival of expatriates, for accommodation, for immigration, for transport during the games…

Finding a place to live is still the most important issue; we were already proposing solutions over a year ago.

As we are almost there, we can see the actual cases and we’ll be addressing your various concerns on a regular basis.

Today, subletting:

The lease must indicate whether or not subletting is permitted; and under what conditions.

For corporate leases; internal communication to occupants is essential to remind them of the clauses of the lease. As well as the risks, for example, with regard to insurance because, you are responsible of your apartment and if something happens, this is your matter.

What’s more, the City of Paris is actively combating illegal subletting, and surveys are carried out in the field. They investigate and can come at home to check who’s there.

If you have any queries on any of these subjects, please don’t hesitate to contact us at contact@enyter.com or 01 30 84 08 18.