EnyterWhat are your international mobility questions?

What are your international mobility questions?

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Ehi there customers, what would you like to know this year? 

During this 2023, what are the subjects that come up most often in the requests of your employees? 

What questions are currently asked to you about your international mobility policy? 

As a member, ENYTER participates each year in the convention of the European relocation association, EURA.

For a week, we will revisiting the best practices of international mobility with our peers to better improve our customer service.

We will work on all the new products on & off line; there will be more and more digital without missing the personal contact. How to harmonize both of them?

Obviously, we will explore the trends that are emerging in expatriation for the next few years. For example, how to manage remote expatriation, telework?

Ask us! We will share them (anonymously) to respond to you as soon as the convention will be over.

A question = an answer, because there is always a solution for every matter.  

Ready, set… write us!