EnyterSpouse and “following” children

Spouse and “following” children

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Well done! Congratulations to you: you have landed THE position.

The whole family said yes; now, you have to support your family so that they experience the same enthusiasm as you to change their life and go 500 or 5000 km away.

Your spouse who works but also your children; everyone must have his own project in this new adventure.

It could be a new job or an opportunity for your spouse to change paths.

For children, discovering a new region, a new country; different activities.

All together, you write the retroplanning: from now until you settle into your new home.

You: I begin on such a date, I have to find accommodation while waiting for you. Your spouse: I have to resign and get organized to find my new job. Your children: my school, my hobbies. All the family: we have to take care of our current and our future accommodation. Getting ready for the move…

Each step can be written, detailed, dated in the retroplanning, it helps to concretize the project for each person.

Everyone has the right to speak to integrate his project into the family one; all involved, questions and doubts are shared, so possibilities and solutions are more easily found.